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America passing on the marijuana industry

America has the opportunity to become the largest market for marijuana recreationally and medically. 

But Wont...

America has all the opportunity to have the largest and most developed marijuana industry in the world. Granted its not the first to legalize in some form or another but it has the largest market available. While the market is growing and its becoming more widely accepted its doing so at  a slow rate. The American government is notorious for being slow on updating laws and regulations so this come as no surprise but it does come with some ramifications. For instance this month Marijuana is now completely legal in Canada, and not only that countries such as Israel and others plan on taking advantage of this industry. 

Where the American market stands today. 

Today the market in America is growing and its been shown by many states to be extremely beneficial. With the high tax on recreational weed in Colorado they have been able to fund more school and first responder programs. But embracing the marijuana industry has more benefits than just people getting high and more tax dollars. The medical research benefits are enormous and the possibilities are growing day in and day out. This could lead to a change from synthetic drugs to more natural remedies that have less risks. Hopefully future laws will be passed to make the industry more flexible and therefore be able to accelerate research and market share.